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5 Simple Steps to Dominate Local SEO

So, you don’t sell anything online? You’re now wondering WHY DID I PAY Rs.5K for a website? Before you enter panic mode let me introduce you to a little something called Local SEO.

Imagine we’re opening a new computer course in Chennai City. Let’s call it ‘Eagle Academy’. Like with many other businesses we provide a physical service requiring people to visit our location📍

Having a strong online presence can massively impact the number of people walking through your store’s door each day. The modern day consumer researches EVERYTHING online. Let’s analyse the steps to Local SEO Domination:

1. Website Usability

The importance of clarity and user experience is often overlooked for sharp graphics and modern design. Having an attractive site is important especially when selling a service based on appearance like computer courses.

However, above all else it has to do the job it was intended for. Meaning clear navigation, availability of information and logical functioning. If we’re operating online admission it makes sense to allow people easily make enroll online, instead of ringing for available times.

2. Research
How many Chennai City Computer Course Providers is there? More than I’d like to count. Businesses that command the first positions on search don’t end up there by accident. To compete we need to learn from our competitors.

In this case ‘Eagle Academy’ are the highest ranking brand when searching ‘Computer Training Institute in Kolathur’. Let’s briefly examine what they’re doing well and not so well.

Eagle Academy performs strongly on SEO Site Checkup’s test. But, I think Peace Academy can go one better. Now we use what they’re doing well and conduct our own research using Google Keyword planner, Google Trends and all those good tools.

3. Performance
Millennial and Generation Z kids have no patience these days. Meaning you have about 3 seconds to get your site fully loaded before they bounce. In 2014 mobile usage overtook desktop usage when browsing the web.

Mobile phones hold less RAM and processing power than computers. Therefore, loading images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript takes longer. This why SEO specialists are more specific about compression and minification. In 2018 your website must be mobile optimised or Google will punish you for it.

4. Strong Off-Site Presence
Where businesses fall down is off-site SEO. It’s easy to finish your site and dust off your hands with another job done. For optimal search engine performance we have to dedicate a lot of time to off-site SEO efforts. So, what is off-site SEO?

It’s the process of building your website’s presence through the use of social media, link building and all activities external to your website. Google likes off-site interaction, the more good backlinks your site generates the greater your content is assumed to be.

When focusing on off-site Local SEO the first thing to tick off our to-do list is creating a Google My Business page. This displays your business information and location.

5. Eat Sleep Optimise Repeat
Search Engine Optimisation is a continuous process. Google’s ranking factors regularly update keeping businesses on their toes. Fresh content in the form of blogs, pages, articles etc. forces crawlers to frequently stop and index your site. Attractive content significantly boosts your chances of appearing higher in the search rankings.


Google Analytics helps us understand our user. If we’re getting a lot of traffic but no bookings maybe there’s something wrong. SEO is trial and error so don’t be afraid to make alterations if something isn’t working.


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