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Digital Marketing

Tips to share company Twitter Posts (Tweets)

Twitter is one of the popular and powerful social media tools for small businesses. When your company sends out an update, Twitter creates an opportun...

Facebook Marketing Services Chennai
Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing

You are on Facebook. Wondering “What Now?”

It is quite common to see thousands of businesses start their presence in a hurry on Facebook, start making posts with a fervour initially and then su...

QR Code Marketing Chennai
Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Comfort Your Business With QR Codes

Are you using barcode in your retail and grocery stores while shopping? Facing the problem with your scanner not reading code properly? Printing barco...

facebook business marketing services
Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Thinking of a new Cover Design for your Facebook Fan Page? Here are 3 popular ideas for a restaurant business!

Present your Product / Service in its Best form. For a restaurant, it is the Food, of course. Check out the above Cheesecake example which garnered ov...

Google Adwords Agency Chennai
Digital Marketing

Why Use Google AdWords to Grow Your Business

There is no end to free online methods for advertising your business. You can blog, hit forums, reach out through email marketing, and spend time gett...

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Digital Marketing

Tips For Sharing The Company Facebook Post

As of June 2017, Facebook had more than two billion active monthly users around the world. For this single reason, it is imperative that this social m...

social media marketing services chennai
Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Importance of Social Media For Your Business

Being and building your brand in social media for business is like placing a signboard in crowded area like beach, stadium etc at a free of cost. Late...

content marketing services chennai
Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Do you know the kiss principle of the content marketing?

“It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”.     &n...

review marketing chennai
Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Impact of online reviews on travel and hospitality industry

As marketers, it is very important to understand the consumer usage and attitudes towards the online reviews. The latest statistics and trends, which ...

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