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18 Jun 2016

Long Tail Keyword Marketing Research

Dominating Google’s 1st Page – Ranking Your Long Tail KeywordsLet me clarify that what I am about to present to you is not about ranking your site, or your Home Page. It’s about Ranking Your Specific Long Tail Keyword Phrases… these are your money phrases, the phrases that people use once they have narrowed down their search – the Keyword Phrases that MAKE MONEY!The first thing you MUST understand if you want to Rank Well for a Long Tail Keyword Search PhrasePageRank is not SiteRank – Pages rank on their own for specific search phrases. You can not rank a...

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23 Feb 2015

Comfort your Business with QR Codes

Are you using barcode in your retail and grocery stores! Whether you have to face the problem of your scanner not reading code Properly, Printing barcodes too large or too small or else label degradation then the big solution for you is QR CODES What is a QR Code? Like Barcodes there also a black and white code to encode and store data called as Quick Response code , Then You have a question that why should  I have to use QR codes? The main difference between the two is the amount of data they can hold or share. Comparatively,...

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