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01 Feb 2018

Upgrade with Innovative Infomedia’s Digital Marketing Services

Marketing is changing. In a recent survey, only 48% of small businesses used Direct Mail as a Marketing tactic, with 38% using Print Adverts compared to 76% using Email Marketing, 68% Social Media and 58% Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Are you still relying on Direct Mail or Print Advertising to gain new customers? It could be time to change in order to keep up with your competitors.Or maybe you need some help consolidating your Digital Marketing Campaigns. You may have tried setting up a Twitter page but not really be sure how it will help with engagement with your brand,...

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14 Dec 2017

Important Steps Involved in Outdoor Advertising and Marketing

Making successful advertising campaigns requires a lot of planning and strategizing.It’s important to take each step of the process as a challenge to overcome in order to create the effective outdoor advertising your business needs. When you plan carefully and execute properly the plan, more likely, the outcome would mean 'Great Success'.1. Do your researchThe first step is to always do your research and use all means necessary to do so. Take advantage of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t hesitate in digging a little deeper and understand your potential consumers or clients. Find out what’s important to...

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