Instagram marketing Agency Checklist

Instagram Marketing Step-by-Step Checklist

Instagram is one of the powerful medium you can use to build your business on the Internet. Some people say that Instagram may replace Facebook or even Twitter. In reality, Both Instagram and Facebook are belong to Mark Zuckerberg.

[ ] Pick up Niche. 
[ ] Choose Buyer Keywords. 
[ ] Target Potential Buyers. 
[ ] Search Affiliate Products. 
[ ] Find Highest Conversion Products. 
[ ] Install Instagram on your phone. 
[ ] Create Instagram Account. — HINT: It is important to use a business email account as a way to create your Instagram account. 
[ ] Add Your Website URL. 
[ ] Add Bio About Your Company. 
[ ] Add About Section. 
[ ] Add Profile Picture. 
[ ] Learn How to Navigate Instagram App 
[ ] Start Posting Pictures. — Utilize the picture as a way to represent the end result your want your audience to see from your products or service. (Hint: If you are weight loss consultant, take a picture of “before” and “after” pictures of your customers) 
[ ] Follow Instagram Users. — NOTE: Make sure to follow ONLY those people who are in your niche. This allows you to target the right audience.

Weekly Tasks: 
[ ] Add Seven New Posts With Pictures. 
[ ] Follow 50 Instagram Users Per Week. 
[ ] Spend 15 Minutes a day to Reply, Repost, and Retweet posts. 
[ ] Repost Your Favorites Per week.

How to Dominate Instagram

Be Approachable. — 99% of the marketers always want to look cool in front of their audience. In reality, that will break your business for sure. When you are more available than other marketers, you will earn your audience’s trust. At the same time, it will help you to grow your business faster.

Engage With Your Audience. — Always engage with your audience on every level especially in public. This allows your audience to build a bonded-relationship with your audience. REMEMBER: Everything you do in business is all about building relationship.

Post New Picture Daily. — Constant update is the key. Why? Well, it is because your audience wants to know every move and every step that you take in your business. So, do NOT post one new picture per month and expect your business will grow. That’s not possible.

Track Your Links. — Be a geek. Always test the type of pictures that will result in a higher engagement rate versus the pictures that will waste your time. This allows you to increase your traffic with the right images on your Instagram account.

Regram Other Users Images. — Regram other users posts, contact Instagram users in your niche, and find common ground on helping each other to grow each other followers. That’s the key to grow your followers on Instagram.

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