[tab title=” Branding Services & Solutions”]
We transform corporations into Brand heroes. Companies into stories worth telling.We infomedians approach your overall branding and marketing strategies with the same love as we would our own and What we do goes far beyond branding, and taps into the very DNA that makes your products and services unique.

[tab title=”Brand Development”]
[accordion_item title=”Brand Research”]
Brand Audits
Internal Research & analysis
Industry Research & Insights
Competitor Research & Analysis
Customer Research & Reporting
[accordion_item title=”Brand Strategy”]
Strategic Insights
Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Brand Portfolio Optimization
Brand Positioning
Brand Promises
Brand Personality
Brand DNA
Mission & Vision Statements
Brand Culture
[accordion_item title=”Brand Platform”]
Brand Naming
Brand Tag-line / slogan creation
Brand Tone formation
Brand Profiling
Brand Attributes creation
[accordion_item title=”Brand Identity”]
Logo Design
Favicon Design
Icon Design
Brand Color and Typography
Brand’s Visual Language
Brand Imagery
Brand Mascots.
[accordion_item title=”Brand Collaterals “]
Business and Office Stationery
Front & Back Office Documentation
Marketing Collaterals
Training Materials
User Guides
Case Studies
White Papers
Annual Reports
[accordion_item title=”Brand Packaging”]
FMCG packaging
Industrial Goods packaging
IT Products packaging
[tab title=”Brand Experience”]
[accordion_item title=”Brand Experience Management”]
Mall Experience
Retail Experience
Brand Interactions
[accordion_item title=”Brand Promotion”]
Media Planning
Media Buying
Media Production
Product Launches
Product Shoot
Brand Launches
Merchandise Concepts
[accordion_item title=”Office Branding”]
Internal Branding
External Branding
Factory Branding
Id cards
[accordion_item title=”Individual Branding”]
CXO Branding
Online Brand Management
Offline Brand Management
[accordion_item title=”Transit Branding”]
Urban Transportation (Airlines, Bus, Metro, Trains, Taxis)
Corporate Fleet
Logistics Fleet
[accordion_item title=”Miscellaneous”]
Brand Music
Brand Texture
Ambience creation
[tab title=”Brand Conformance”]
[accordion_item title=”Brand Manual”]
We provide our clients with Brand Manual comprising of and clearly defines how the Brand standards, persona, values, appearance and application has to be maintained and communicated across various channels and communication medias.
[accordion_item title=”Brand Training”]
We conduct Brand Training to the internal stakeholders of our clients on how to
communicate the brand efficiently in both written and verbal mode.
[accordion_item title=”Brand Audit”]
We Conduct Brand audits before and after the Branding process to ensure the efficacy of the brand development and
conformity to brand guidelines.
[accordion_item title=”Brand Protection”]
We help you protect your Brand Assets with relevant IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and Prevent their Misuses.

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